Monday, April 25, 2011


It is now less than 2 weeks left before my departure to Cameroon.  I have received so many wonderful well wishes from friends and patients and have even connected with a childhood friend through this blog site.  Preparations are coming together in a timely fashion, my visas arrived at the office last week while I was out so they  will be on my desk when I go in today.  My immunizations are completed and I am starting my malaria prophylaxis today...Bugs here I come so beware I am prepared.

What all this preparation and the initiation of this blogspot has made me realize is that each and everyone of you that are reading this blog are participating along with me in my mission.  Your interest, your well wishes, and even just your curiosity travels with me and you will be there with me in helping each and everyone of the patients that seek our help.

So stay tuned as we countdown for take off.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Countdown 3 Weeks

As the time for my departure to Cameroon approaches I am very touched by the warm and open responses that I have received from patients' families and of course my dear friends.  Thank you all very much, you will be with me everyday.

I would invite all of you to also view Dr. Jim Hake's blog and see the incredible work he and his wife, Terry, are already performing in Cameroon.  I will be joining the Hakes and living with them and working alongside Jim at the hospital in Njinikom.  I expect to see some challenging cases and would love to share them with all of my blog followers.  And yes I will try to take some photos to share along the way.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Prepartions

It is now just four weeks from tomorrow that I leave on my medical mission to Cameroon.  My travel immunizations(ouch..just kidding) are in progress, only 2 more injections to go.  I attended a weekend retreat with Mission Doctors Association last week and heard a wonderful talk by Dr. Joe Llwellyn from Alaska who had been to the same hospital as I will be attending.  Trials and tribulations of being in a remote hospital but with many rewards from the work one can do.  I am taking a mantra with me: 'work from the mind and not the heart' as one of the Sisters at the hospital reminded Dr. Joe following a difficult case.  My heart will be my driving force, but I will remember to WORK from the mind.