Monday, February 6, 2012

Letter from the Hakes

Dear Ed,
You probably thought the Hake’s were a couple of ingrates.  With utmost delight I send you the news that your box arrived today.  With the Dec 12 postmark that makes it the longest ever to get here but it made for a great treat this afternoon after I finished OPD.  Thanks for all the treats and the teas look great.
Ed, I was thinking of you yesterday and had planned to write you.  The Nursery is empty which is one of the few times there has not been from 1-7 premies in the last 6 months.  The survival rate on all these premies and the terms with sepsis the last 6 months has been well over 90% which I think is at least 3 times higher than what I saw before you came last May.  You deserve a pat on the back.  I think you really got the Nurse’s to believe that they could make a difference and save lives by being observant and reacting when they found something not right.  It got me making daily rounds in Maternity so the Nurses have me see anyone they have questions about.  I know Dr Dabo is relieved not to have the primary responsibility for the wee ones.  Feel good that your visit here continues to produce good fruit.
I will be forwarding the envelope to Germar and Petra.
Hope your new year is going well.  Hi to Mary Lou.
God Bless,
Jim and Terry

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