Friday, May 27, 2011

A Trip to the Big City

I have had a few requests to know what my environs are like.  I had a trip to the big city of Bamenda this past weekend, I had been here 2 weeks and a side excursion was most welcomed.  

The trip through the lovely countryside was absolutely a blessing.  The green mountainsides, small farms of corn, beans, yams, and people walking everywhere along the side of the road.  

In town we went to a "supermarket", and I must use the word loosely, called the Vatican I eyed the goods and bought a couple of packs of biscuits (cookies) to have with my tea.  Then we went to the local open air style market which was fascinating, much like a SOUK in the middle east.  I bought some Cameroonian tea from a nice gent in his little stall and  then toured around looking at sacks of beans, live chickens in baskets.  Certainly not Gelsons or the Safeway but WAY more fun.  
 Lunch was at Dreamland Restaurant (pic of me with Terry and Jim), T and J had a 'hamburger' (a rare treat in a land where they know not of McDonald's), I settled for more local fare of beans and rice.  On the way home we had plenty of rain and the road had a few fallen trees that needed to be maneuvered around.  Hope you enjoy the pics!!!

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  1. Hi Eddy,
    You look mah-vel-us; love your hat! Great to see you in the Big City of Bamenda, and to get a feeling of the restaurants and shops.

    It's an exciting part of my day to check your blog and see a new posting.